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Sustainability is something Camelott® are very keen to promote within the photocopier and printing industry.  Many people don’t realise the total heat, waste and CO2 that is created by the industry, especially with regard to laser devices. Click Why Your Company Should Lease Eco-Friendly Photocopiers.

Get a quote on the best environmentally friendly photocopiers, call us to learn about greenwashing and why we can show you the facts about which photocopier uses the lowest energy, waste, CO2 and sustainability to help your business go net zero and help reduce emmissions.

Free Eco Photocopier Report Sample

Get Your Free Eco copier Report like the one above unique to your organisation.

Printing Environmental impact

Can it make a difference to the print devices and photocopiers in your organisation?

Just think about printers or photocopiers in your office.  What difference could you make?

Think of the toners for example, the storage, the deliveries, the packaging and the time that is taken to source the cheapest price or get the toner from stock etc. Then there is the device heat, time to warm up and apply the heat to the page that is produced by even one device.

But then if you have several devices we have seen the difference we can make on the electricity alone to reduce the bills and help the environment.

Camelott® as a Gold Epson partner would like to produce a report that will show you exactly how much you could save with the printers and photocopiers you have on-site currently or a looking to change to.

All we need is the following*:

  • The printers manufacturer and model number
  • How much you print on average per month in colour and mono for each printer
  • The photocopiers manufacturer and model number
  • How much you print on average per month in colour and mono for each copier

We will then produce a comprehensive report comparing the Eco credentials and showing you how much you could potentially save over the course of an agreement.  It’s FREE of charge and we can also follow this up with a proposal to show you how much this would save your organisation per month.

For more information on this Click here, ready for your net zero impact report?

Most of the reports we produce can save thousands!

Why Your Company Should Lease Eco-Friendly Photocopiers

Why Your Company Should Lease Eco-Friendly Photocopiers

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Sustainable Office Equipment

With climate change and sustainability being major concerns for companies today, an eco-friendly photocopier lease can help your business reduce its environmental impact. By leasing energy efficient photocopiers from leading brands, you can decrease energy consumption, lower paper waste, and shrink your carbon footprint. Here are some of the major benefits of going green with a sustainable photocopier lease:

Lower Energy Use and Costs

Modern multifunction photocopiers are designed for efficiency, with features like sleep modes, low power consumption, and energy star ratings. Leasing an ENERGY STAR certified eco photocopier for your office can cut your machine's energy use significantly compared to older models. With less energy consumed, you’ll save on electricity bills each month. Epson have some of the lowest energy photocopiers on the market.

Decreased Paper Waste

Photocopiers with document feeders, double-sided printing, and scan-to-email functions help minimize paper usage. You’ll digitize more, print less, and stop unnecessary printing. Leasing a photocopier with eco settings enabled reduces toner and paper waste. Going paperless saves trees while cutting costs at the same time.

Sustainable Managed Print Services

Managed print service providers can optimize your office printing habits for sustainability. Through eco-friendly document management policies, job tracking, print quotas, and technology integrations, your photocopier fleet's impact can be minimized. Sustainable MPS helps reinforce positive green printing behavior.

Recycling Programs

When leasing new photocopiers, many providers will recycle your old machines responsibly, reducing e-waste. Some even provide cartridge recycling programs for proper disposal of used toner and ink. Green recycling initiatives apply throughout the photocopier lifecycle.

Lower VOCs and Cleaner Air

Modern energy efficient photocopiers emit fewer harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ozone gases compared to older models. This improves indoor air quality and reduces environmental toxins. Greener machines equal cleaner office air.

How Can My Company Get Started with Eco-Friendly Photocopiers?

Leasing energy-efficient and sustainable photocopiers for your office is simple when you partner with the right provider. Here are some tips on how to shift your photocopier fleet to be more eco-friendly:

Research Top Green Photocopier Models

Look into the latest eco multiline laser copiers, inkjet all-in-ones, and LED photocopiers with green features. Compare ENERGY STAR ratings, sleep mode power consumption, and sustainable certifications before choosing models to lease.

Ask About Recycling and Disposal

When talking to photocopier leasing companies, inquire about their equipment recycling programs and old copier responsible disposal processes. Verify that your leased machines will be recycled properly when their lifecycle ends.

Discuss Managed Print Service Options

Explore how prospective managed print service providers can optimize your office printing for sustainability. Request eco-friendly document management plans with print policies that reduce waste.

Review Usage Analytics and Insights

With a green managed print service, you’ll receive detailed usage statistics showing printer, copier, and paper usage company-wide. This visibility enables better optimization of print behaviors.

Enable All Eco-Friendly Settings

When leasing new eco photocopiers, ensure all the available green settings are enabled like default duplex printing, sleep modes, and scan-to-email. This will minimize the impact right away.

By leasing energy-efficient photocopiers with recycling programs and sustainable managed print services, your business can greatly reduce its environmental footprint. Going green saves money, protects the planet, and shows customers your commitment to corporate social responsibility. Contact our leasing company today to discuss how eco-friendly office photocopiers can benefit your organization!

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