• The next generation of Interactive Touch Table
  • Touch Screen & Touch Table 
  • Manual Tilt & Rotate 
  • Powered Rise & Lower
  • Children aged 3 – 95

For Nurseries, Care homes, Schools, Nursing homes & Businesses

"We have recently purchased the Q-Table interactive tv for our children's nursery and have been very impressed. Throughout from our initial enquiry the customer service has been excellent. An informative presentation was given to find out more about the product and costs if it would suit our needs.

Communication from Jason at Camelott® has been excellent, he personally delivered the table and ensured it was set up and we knew how to use all the functions ( although it is so simple I don't think the personal set up would be necessary)

Children and practitioners have found the Q table to be great fun with lots of educational tools to support in the delivery of our curriculum, I would highly recommend this to any early years setting."

Scallywags Nursery


Up to 4 children can be playing on an interactive table at a time and full class room display


Play stories loud and clear to the entire class in the elevated position so everyone can see


8 Yellow Door apps, free, to improve: Numbers, Letters, Phonics, Memory & precursor-writing


Take commonly known education tools like nursery rhymes, stories etc. and create additional learning ensuring engagement


Staff can use the interactive tables for presentations, training and research etc. Great for Nursing homes and care homes. Streaming Youtube, Netfix, Webpages etc.


Collaborative learning: Instead of iPads on their own in the corner, they can play together
Q-table Camelott Nursery Touch Table

Nothing is too much trouble for Camelott and any issues are rectified quickly.

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