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Welcome to Camelott®

Streamline your office productivity with low-cost office photocopier leasing and printer rentals from Camelott®.

As an industry-leading supplier of copying and printing solutions, we partner with top brands like Epson and Toshiba to provide cutting-edge equipment ranging from A4, & A3 to A0.

Our managed print services offer customised solutions to maximise efficiency and cost-savings for your business.

With specialized copier rental plans for schools, colleges, and nurseries, Camelott® is committed to improving office technology and support.

At Camelott®, we strongly believe in responsible printing and copying practices that reduce environmental impact. We are dedicated to sustainability and providing eco-friendly technology, services and solutions that preserve resources and minimize waste.

Our expertise will help you boost productivity while reducing expenses and your carbon footprint.

At Camelott®, we strive to set the standard for environmentally-conscious photocopier leasing and printer rentals.

Environmentally Conscious

Latest Ecological Photocopier technology

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Friendly staff

Meet our ethical,
friendly family of

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Solutions focused on you

Solutions focused on
your business needs

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Excellent company

See our awards, accolades & reviews

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Photocopier Quality

Our quality copiers & economical solutions

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Buy or Rent a machine

Buy, Rent or Lease a Photocopier machine

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Epson Workforce Enterprise WF-C20600, WF-C20750, WF-C21000, WF-M21000, EPSON WORKFORCE ENTERPRISE WF-C20750, EPSON WORKFORCE ENTERPRISE WF-C21000

Workforce WF-C20600, WF-C20750, WF-C21000, WF-M21000

Workforce Pro

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Epson Enterprise​ AM C4000​, C5000​, C6000​,

Workforce Pro Enterprise AM C4000​, C5000​ & C6000

Epson WorkForce Pro WF C879RDTWF

Workforce Pro WF-C879 RDWF, C878 RDWF

Epson WorkForce Pro WF C879R

Workforce Pro WF-C579 RDWF

Toshiba e-Studio 7527AC

e-STUDIO 6526AC, 6527AC, 7527AC, 9029A

Toshiba e-Studio 2525AC

e-STUDIO 2525AC, 3025AC, 3525AC,
4525AC, 5525AC, 6525AC

e-STUDIO 330AC, 400AC

Leasing photocopiers

Just some of the perks of using Camelott®

Practical Print Solutions

Taking out all of the machines may
save money but is it practical?

Going out and lease a photocopier
machine thats the cheapest gets
you print with all the features, but is
it the best solution long term?

Consultative Approach

If you’re looking to buy or lease a
photocopier for the office, speak to

We are always looking with
fresh eyes and from
your perspective, not what copier rental we
want to sell you but what will
create a real positive change.

Get a free review to compare
your copying from one of our friendly staff.

Clear Copier rental

We show side by side how things
are currently, including your copier
rental costs and printing costs.

Then we show you the right
photocopier leasing or printing rent solution we recommend
and the improvement you will enjoy.

Cheaper Printing

We look at what you print, what equipment you print, copy and scan on and your costs associated and come back with a true alternative in sync and tailored with your current office printing environment.

Using our specially picked suppliers, we are confident we can offer a truly unique copier solution.

This will save money, time, admin and electricity. Let us show you how.

Book a copier quote? chat now.

Camelott® is always here to answer your questions

There are lots of copier brands out there like: Toshiba, Epson, Konica Minolta, Canon, Sharp, Utax, Kyocera, Xerox and Ricoh etc.  We can help you with your next lease photocopier machine or printer copier purchase.  Complete the form for one of our friendly staff to help you.

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Environmentally Conscious

Go Green with Eco Photocopiers

Businesses today are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. Our new eco photocopiers offer solutions to make your office printing greener.

Benefits of Eco Photocopiers:

  • Carbon Zero – Completely carbon neutral printing through renewable energy offsets
  • Less waste – with large printer ink containers this can reduce or remove the need to change cartridges. This saves packaging, delivery, time, etc.
  • 86% Less Energy – Up to 86% lower energy consumption compared to standard models
  • Reduced Emissions – Significantly fewer harmful printing emissions

We Can Help You Achieve Net Zero

Our eco photocopiers can drastically reduce your company’s printing energy use, CO2, waste, and emissions. Reach out to learn how we can help you.

See exactly how much greener your office printing can be. Our partners can even provide a Net Zero certificate for your sustainability efforts.

Go green with eco-friendly photocopiers! Contact us today to reduce your printing’s environmental impact.

Excellent Ethical Staff

When the directors Jason and John started Camelott® they wanted a different approach to the copier industry and the whole business flows from this ethos. Our staff are experienced and we are proud of how they deal with customers. Ethical means to Camelott® staff:

When it comes to copier leasing were not pushy.

we think you can see a good deal and the proposal will speak for itself.

We are honest and upfront with customers with no surprises.

Only offering new copier machines or are very clear when offering machines that are not new.

No added costs that are not clearly explained i.e. many salespeople are not clear about additional admin fees, minimum billing, scanning charges, per scan or per print charges. This is easy because Camelott® doesn’t charge them.

We don’t change contracts after they’re signed and only supply what you need at a fair price.

Customer Focused Solutions

Photocopiers That Empower Your Business

You need technology that accelerates your business goals, not holds you back. Camelott® provides photocopier leasing to do just that.

We don’t peddle one-size-fits-all solutions. Our experts dive in to understand your unique needs and constraints. Then we deliver flexible, tailored print services to empower your workforce.

The Result

A blended fleet of copiers that optimizes productivity and cost. Employees who breeze through printing and copying. And management with peace of mind that equipment evolves with the business.

Stop Settling

Stop settling for leases that disappoint. Partner with the photocopier experts who create solutions that help you thrive. Reach out today to transform your world of print!

Excellent company to work with

Don’t take our word for it, take a look below at some of our proudest achievements:

Photocopier Quality

Photocopiers That Make You Shine with Vibrant Printing

Tired of lackluster prints from your office photocopier? Those washed-out pages won’t cut it anymore. You need vivid, professional-quality printing to make your business shine.

That’s why we provide top-of-the-line copiers designed for flawless performance. Our rented machines minimize downtime through automatic monitoring and service notifications. You’ll have optimal uptime to keep productivity high.

Stunning Print Quality

But it’s the stunning print quality that will wow you. Our photocopiers produce rich, saturated colors that leap off the page. Photos will have incredible clarity and documents will boast crisp, sharp text. Even complex graphics with fine details will retain accuracy.

We’ve engineered our copiers for professional-grade image reproduction on every job. Your branding and content efforts deserve prints that match their high quality.

Vibrant Photocopier Printing

Don’t let lackluster photocopier output undermine your hard work! With our leased copiers, every document and image you print will radiate excellence, in both black-and-white and dazzling color.

Give your office the print quality it deserves while saving on supplies. Contact us to schedule a demo and see our photocopiers’ brilliant results firsthand. Your staff and clients will be amazed at the vibrant printing difference.