10 Questions to Ask Before Signing a New Photocopier Rent Agreement

Renting a photocopier for your office provides convenience and flexibility, but also comes with long-term financial and equipment commitments. Before signing a photocopier lease agreement, be sure to ask these 10 important questions:

  1. What is the total monthly payment amount including service/maintenance fees? Get full pricing details upfront.
  2. Is there a minimum lease term requirement? Typical terms run 3-5 years. Know the impacts of early cancellation.
  3. Is a copy/print volume is included in the base price? Overage fees can add up fast. Choose a plan fit for your usage.
  4. Who is responsible for toner/ink costs? Some agreements bundle supplies, others charge separately. Understand total operating costs.
  5. What maintenance and service does the agreement include? Priority response times and discounts on repairs may be beneficial.
  6. Does the agreement include a replacement machine if this one breaks down? Downtime can cripple office productivity.
  7. Can I upgrade to a new machine during the lease term? Upgrades should be allowed as your business and printing needs evolve.
  8. Are there options to buyout the equipment at lease end? Owning the gear provides flexibility for future upgrades/costs.
  9. Who is responsible for repairs outside of regular maintenance? Make sure catastrophic failure clauses are defined.
  10. Are there any other add-ons like print management software I should consider? Boost productivity through cutting edge tools.
  11. What is the photocopier's ecological impact? Consider energy efficiency, emissions, and recyclable parts. Greener models reduce environmental footprint and save on printing costs.
  12. We gave you this one free but it one that many forget!

Asking the right questions upfront ensures you enter into a photocopier lease that meets both your office's printing needs and budget, while minimizing ecological impact. Clarify any areas of uncertainty before signing.

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