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Get a comprehensive quote for an all-in-one office photocopier, scanner, and printer from Camelott®, your trusted UK supplier of office equipment.

We specialise in cost-effective business photocopier leasing and printer scanner rentals, offering managed print services to optimize your print volumes. Our experts assess your document workflow, maintenance needs, and reprographics expenses to customize leasing solutions for your business.

Request personalized quotes for eco-friendly photocopier machines that excel in printing, copying, and scanning efficiency. Contact our friendly copier leasing experts to explore responsible leasing options tailored to your requirements.

Why Buy Copiers from Camelott?

Practical Print Solutions

Taking out all of the machines may
save money but is it practical?
Going out and lease a photocopier
machine thats the cheapest gets
you print with all the features, but is
it the best solution long term?

Clear Copier Rental

We show side by side how things
are currently, including your copier
rental costs and printing costs.
Then we show you the right
photocopier or printing solution
and the improvement you will
enjoy. Finally the cherry on the top.

Consultative Approach

If you’re looking to buy photocopier, lease a
photocopier for the office, speak to
us. We are always looking with
fresh eyes and from
your perspective, not what copier we
want to sell you but what will
create a real positive change.

Cheaper Printing

Our equipment is not available off
the shelf, so if you’re a business
and looking for an A4 printer or A3
printer or an A4 copier or A3
copiers for lease call us.

Camelott Customer Reviews

I currently hire printers from Camelott to service 2 of my offices. The printers are great and we have had no issues with them, unlike our previous supplier. who was leasing us secondhand printers and charging more than what Camelott charged for new ones. Jason and John are great guys to deal with and come to your premises personally to assess your needs.
Ajaz - Kenneth Jones Solicitors
The Camelott team are really superb, from installing and setting up all our computers to work as efficiently as possible through to ongoing support such as proactively ordering things like waste toner boxes etc even before we knew it was needed. I cannot fault them. I have had no hesitation in recommending them to others.
James - Zenith Financial Planning
Merseyrail initially chose Camelott, as the tailored proposal for our needs was the best in terms of both cost and service and we made absolutely the right choice.
In addition to making savings, the service we receive is outstanding. As we run a 24-hour business, it is vital that our print services are continuously running. Speed and reliability are of the utmost importance, and we have not been disappointed, nothing is too much trouble for our account manager John and the rest of the team.
The initial installation was executed without a hitch and the ongoing management, maintenance and support is second to none..
| would not hesitate to recommend them for your Managed Print Services.
Mersey Rail logo
Laura - Mersey Rail
Brilliant service from start to finish. When the technician installed we had to do absolutely nothing, and within 30 minutes we just had to press 'print' and voila! Great Service and even better prices. Great job guys
Neil - Sterling Networks
Managing Director
...Great guys, quick turnaround, solid service – happy customer! (Ask for full review)
Kyle - BJS
Brilliant! Jason and the Team are always excellent. Honest, helpful and diligent in their work. Pricing is always fair. Can't fault them. 100% recommended.
Tom - TWS Direct

Frequently Asked Questions About Photocopier Leases

A photocopier is an essential piece of office equipment for most businesses today. With technology advancing rapidly, many organizations find leasing is the most affordable and flexible option when acquiring a photocopier. Below we answer some of the most common questions about leasing photocopiers and printer leases to help you make an informed decision.

How Much is a Photocopier Lease?

Lease rates vary widely based on the equipment selected, lease term, monthly copy volume allowance, and other factors. On average:

  • Basic black & white photocopier leases range from £60 - £150 per month
  • High-end color multi-function photocopier leases average £70 - £500 monthly

Be sure to get multiple lease quotes to compare rates for the specific copier model and features you need.

How Do Photocopier Leases Work?

With a photocopier lease, you select the equipment and term length, usually 3-5 years. The copier leasing company purchases the equipment and rents it to you for monthly payments. They retain ownership during the lease term. You're responsible for basic supplies like paper and toner. Maintenance and repairs are typically bundled into the monthly payment. At the end of the lease, you can renew, upgrade equipment, or return the copier.

What are the Benefits of Leasing vs Buying?

Key benefits of leasing include:

  • Lower upfront costs
  • Access to new technology every 3-5 years
  • Built-in maintenance and repairs
  • Predictable monthly budgeting
  • Buy is an advantage if you do low useage as the machine may last you many years longer the 5 years max in leasing.
  • The lease company can put pressure on the supplier if the machine is not working as it should
  • Speak to an accountant about writing off the whole payment
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade mid-lease

Buying may make sense if you print extremely high volumes or prefer owning equipment long term.

How Many Photocopies are Included in Lease?

Many leases can include 500-2,000 black & white copies per month. But never allow this to happen when negotiating for a new agreement. Lots of companies get in to trouble when they have minimum billing or inclusive copies.

If you do decide to include prints verify the monthly allowance matches your estimated usage. Overage fees apply for exceeding the allowance, typically around 3-5 pence per page. High-volume leases may offer higher monthly allowances.

How to Negotiate a Photocopier Lease in the UK?

Tips for negotiating the best deal:

  • Request quotes from multiple vendors (Get a free fast quote from Camelott®)
  • Consider a shorter lease term to reduce costs
  • Ask for a higher monthly copy allowance if needed
  • Offer to pay a few months upfront to lower the monthly fee
  • Look for end-of-quarter specials when vendors want to hit sales targets

What’s the Difference Between Leasing and Renting Photocopiers?

The main differences are:

  • Leasing is longer term, usually 3-5 years. Offers lower monthly fees with more benefits. The copier company is responsible to the lease company not you. Limitations and rules regarding what you can lease.
  • Renting is short term, from 1-12 months typically. You pay the full rental rate each month. Can be easier to change machines if you have issues. Can be more costly and if you rent used machine can break down more often.

Leasing brings greater cost savings and predictability for long term equipment needs. Renting may work for short term or temporary needs.

Ready to explore leasing a new photocopier? We're happy to provide a free quote for the perfect copier lease for your office and budget. Contact us today!

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