Lockdown Alarms for Schools, Nurseries and Care Facilities

Lockdown Alarms for schools, nurseries and education are now an important part of your School, College, Educational setting, or Care facility. There is now a requirement to have a written protocol for keeping students and relevant people safe when a lockdown is initiated.

There has always been a problem in how best to get this very important message out and raise the alarm across the school or setting quickly, in an unambiguous way that then allows your written procedure to be activated.

The system works on a wireless lockdown alarm system (not WIFI) and because of this, there is NO wiring and therefore virtually no disruption to decorations, and minimal installation time, which ultimately reflects on the overall costs to you.


I would like to recommend Camelott to you as a provider of standalone lockdown alarm systems. We had struggled to adapt our fire alarm system to adequately provide an emergency alarm associated with lockdown and, I presume like many other schools/Academies had resorted to a specified number of rings to signify lockdown using our fire alarm bells, this was confusing for staff and children alike. Camelott staff visited our site and assessed for the best possible solution. Once agreed, the installation was quick and easy with minimal impact to décor or the school day, we were even able to choose our preferred alarm sound - voice commands were also available as an option. An effective solution is professionally delivered.
Debbie Southall
Business Manager at the Wednesbury Oak Academy


Because there are no wires we can do a full installation in a small school in about 3 hours. With no disruption and no damage to the decor.


These Lockdown alarms are quick to install, don't require running of cables it makes it very cost effective. Call for a Lockdown alarm quote now.


With various ways to set off the alarm, you can be sure that as soon as a danger is detected everyone will know about it quickly so valuable seconds are saved ensuring safety.


You don't want to have to keep walking around the school doing tests, checking batteries and even getting others to ensure it all working. We have a centrally managed software which can do all the checking for you, including silent alarms, checking batteries etc.


So your in the playground and spot a danger, you wouldn't want a 60 yard dash to have to sound an alarm. Potentially leaving children vunerable or while getting the children to safety wasting valuable time in raising the alarm to the whole school.

Each Camelott Lockdown Alarm System comes complete with:

• Free monitoring software for peace of mind for system integrity and silent alarm testing
• Three email threads that can be used when the alarm is triggered
• 30 different alarm sound options that work alongside the visual Blue Strobe Lighting on each unit.
• Optional voice annunciator to give a coded message for Lockdown
• Outside device options for playground and garden area monitoring

So, what next?
As each location is a bespoke system relying on wireless signal within the setting, Camelott offers a FREE no-obligation Lockdown alarm site-survey that will enable a proposal of costs to be prepared for you.

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