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Finding the Best Photocopier Leases in Worcestershire


Maintaining an efficient, high-quality photocopier is a must for businesses across Worcestershire. Purchasing a copier outright carries major upfront expenses and unpredictable maintenance costs. Leasing has become an attractive alternative, offering access to the latest equipment at an affordable monthly rate. This article explores the benefits of photocopier leases in Worcestershire, top vendors, pricing considerations, maintenance perks, and tips on finding the best deal for your office.

Benefits of Photocopier Rental

Avoid Large Upfront Investment

New photocopiers can cost thousands of pounds to buy outright. Leasing allows Worcestershire businesses to use excellent copiers without paying huge capital expenditures up front. More budget-friendly monthly payments make top equipment accessible.

Regular Technology Upgrades

Leasing contracts allow you to upgrade models every few years, ensuring access to the latest features. Purchasing locks you into the same copier for 5+ years in most cases. Leasing provides more flexibility to adopt innovations.

Fixed, Predictable Costs

Once set, monthly lease fees remain consistent over the term, facilitating financial planning. Unexpected repair bills common with ownership are avoided. Any overage copy/print fees are predictable.

Bundled Maintenance

Standard leases include toner, repairs, and routine maintenance for minimal added cost. Enhanced service plans can provide even stronger support. This prevents unpredictable maintenance expenses down the road.

Tax Deductible Payments

Unlike depreciating a purchased asset, Worcestershire photocopier lease fees are 100% tax deductible operating expenses. Consult an accountant to leverage these potential savings.

Top Photocopier Models and Brands

Xerox AltaLink Series

Xerox AltaLinks deliver fast speeds, excellent image quality, and multifunction capabilities. Worcestershire offices should consider advanced AltaLink models for robust color printing and scanning.

Canon ImageRunner Advance

The Canon ImageRunner Advance line provides all-in-one productivity with printing, copying, faxing, and scanning functions. Vivid color and adaptive security features make them ideal for legal, creative, and other offices.

Ricoh IM Series

Affordably priced Ricoh IM photocopiers offer core capabilities for smaller Worcestershire offices. All models emphasize speed, reliability, and user-friendly operation suitable for any environment.

Understanding Photocopier Lease Pricing

Monthly Payments

Basic B/W copier leases range from £30-£150 monthly. Full-featured color multicopiers average £200-£500, with high-volume machines exceeding £500. Expect to pay more for advanced capabilities and speed.

Copy Volume Allowances

Standard leases include monthly print/copy volume between 1,500 - 50,000 pages, often with overage fees of ~3-5p per page. Choose allowances to fit your usage levels.

Maintenance Packages

Basic toner and repairs are usually included, but enhanced maintenance plans are available for £20-£50 monthly. This provides faster service response and more extensive support.

Cancellation Terms

Review termination policies carefully. Reasonable 30-60 day notices are typical. Avoid leases penalizing early cancellation with extra fees simply to lock in business.

Key Maintenance and Service Benefits

Automatic Toner Delivery

Many leased copiers offer auto-toner replenishment based on usage levels. Fresh toner is shipped as needed, preventing interruptions.

Prompt Onsite Service

Leading lease companies guarantee certified tech visits within 24 hours for repairs, minimizing downtime. Post-warranty service on purchased copiers can take much longer.

Technical Support

Knowledgeable customer support helps troubleshoot any copier issues. Trying to fix problems yourself often worsens them. Let the experts handle it!

Software/Firmware Updates

Vendors automatically push the latest firmware and software to leased copiers remotely. This optimizes performance and adds capabilities.

Tips for Finding the Best Photocopier Lease

Compare Multiple Vendors

Don't settle for the first lease quote - contact several vendors for the best rates and terms tailored to your needs.

Scrutinize Contract Terms

Read photocopier lease agreements carefully before signing. Look for any hidden fees or clauses that could cause issues down the road.

Negotiate for the Best Deal

Don't shy away from negotiating for lower payments, waived fees, or added services. Many vendors expect bartering and won't take initial quotes personally.

Prioritize Local Providers

Opt for Worcestershire-based copier companies when possible. They offer faster service and have more familiarity with regional customer needs.


Photocopier leasing in Worcestershire provides easy access to the latest equipment with minimal upfront costs and predictable monthly fees. Take time to research multiple vendors and read all terms thoroughly before committing. With the right lease, your Worcestershire office can operate more productively.

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