Lease photocopier machines
(Schools, Nurseries, Colleges & Academies)

Lease photocopier, schools, nurseries, colleges and universities
Camelott® Photocopiers Printers - Buy or Rent

For Schools, Nurseries, Colleges & Academies buying or leasing photocopiers and printers, Camelott is a forward thinking Managed Print Solutions Company that has put together an interactive range of products and services that are specifically relevant to the Education Sector. 

Our print solutions allow full integration with the latest Technology and Software such as PaperCut and EPA to give a far better experience, while still allowing monitoring and ultimately control of your costs. 

Unlike many manufacturer owned companies, Camelott is completely independent and this is a big advantage, as no one manufacturer has the best equipment across its entire range. Working with our world-renowned partners, Camelott can pick the right machine for a particular location regardless of who’s make it is, allowing flexibility and a seamless solution with a much better experience. 

We look at your whole solution of printing, copying and scanning to ensure a complete solution of what your current needs are.  This approach saves money and improves the facilites in the areas you need it.


As a supplier of high-end equipment, Camelott® is proud to be a partner of Toshiba. Their equipment is exceptional giving brilliant colour representation even on normal office paper thanks to their Polymerised Toner that enables wonderful results without the costs normally associated with it. 
Toshiba Waterproof special paper works with their machines, allowing the printing of notices and banners, for use inside and outside school, without resorting to costly and time-consuming laminating. 


Epson has a completely different message, one that is particularly relevant to Schools, Nurseries, Colleges & Academies and one Camelott embrace. 
Epson’s equipment uses 96% less energy than a conventional photocopier. Additionally, there is 99% less waste and 98% less user intervention, all very important messages not only for the environment but your ongoing costs. If you factor in a print speed of 100 pages per minute and Ultra-Low print costs you have an unbeatable resilient message. 
If you would like to trial one of these Epson machines completely free of charge, then get in touch with the team at Camelott.
No Obligation Print Audit 
A print audit is an in-depth look at your current solution and its relevance within your School, Nursery, College or Academy. 
Camelott® would not as a matter of course simply replace like for like in any new opportunity for your school. As most contracts are 5 years-long, many things can change in your establishment within that period. What was relevant 5 years ago almost certainly will not be now. 
When you consider that and the latest technology was not around 5 years ago, it’s always expedient to look at the solution with a completely open mind. 
Camelott® will help guide you through the pitfalls and the minefields of options and bring a relevant solution, cost-effective and give you a much better experience moving forward 
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