Office Photocopiers and Business Printing: A Complete Guide

When it comes to office printer machines there are lots of different questions to ask when looking for your next purchase.  Business machines are much more in demand and require quicker response time, backup and more likey to link with other software or programs to get more them, more control or more security.

You may wonder: Should I get one off the shelf?  Should I lease an office printer copier?  What size should I get? How much should I spend?  This article will help you with some of the questions or complete the form if we have missed anything.

Key Questions to Ask When Buying Office Photocopiers

Before purchasing new office photocopiers for sale, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Will it meet your office's print needs? Consider your office's average monthly print volume and projected growth. Choose a photocopier with enough capacity and speed to handle your current and future workload.
  • How enviromentally friendly is it? Its difficult to know what is real enviromentally when it comes to Environmently friendly office copiers so many say the same thing. There are some manufactures on the market like Epson who really shine in this regard, get a report to see exactly how Epson differs from othe heat based machines when it comes to eco printing.
  • How secure is the new device? Many modern office copiers have security features like password protection and data encryption. Ensure sensitive documents stay protected.
  • Which extra functions do I consider? Some photocopiers offer scanning, faxing, stapling, and other handy features. Decide which extra capabilities your office needs.
  • Should I buy or lease a new device? Buying provides ownership, while leasing may offer more flexibility. Consider costs and benefits.
  • What is the MPS pricing structure? With managed print services (MPS), you pay a flat fee per page printed rather than purchasing equipment. Compare MPS and purchase models.

Considering these questions will guide you toward the right photocopier for your business. Keep reading for more purchasing considerations.

Photocopier Types: Desktop, Floor-Standing and More

One important choice is the type of office photocopier you need:

  • Desktop Photocopiers: Compact units perfect for small offices with limited space. Output is up to 50 ppm.
  • Floor-Standing Photocopiers: Freestanding machines with higher capacity and faster speeds. Output ranges from 55-90 ppm.
  • Multifunction Printers (MFPs): Photocopiers that also handle scanning, faxing, printing and more in one device. Ideal for consolidated office equipment.
  • Wide-Format Photocopiers: Specialized models capable of enlarging documents to sizes like architectural plans or posters.

Determine usage and space constraints before deciding on a photocopier type. Output speed and monthly duty cycle should also inform your choice.

Key Features to Look for in Office Photocopiers

When comparing business office copier models and brands, keep an eye out for these top features:

  • Print Speed: Faster output speeds measured in pages per minute (ppm) improve efficiency.
  • Copy Resolution: Higher DPI (dots per inch) means sharper text and images. minimum of 600 x 600 dpi is recommended.
  • Automatic Document Feeder (ADF): ADFs allow quick hands-free scanning/copying of multi-page documents.
  • Duplex Printing: Choose a model with automatic two-sided printing to save paper.
  • Connectivity: Network, USB, mobile, and cloud connectivity provides convenience and flexibility.
  • Security Features: Look for photocopiers with password protection, data encryption, and hard drive overwrite features that enhance document security.
  • Copy/Scan Color Options: Monochrome for text, color for graphics and photos. Some copiers offer both.

Prioritize the features that best fit your office's needs and workload.

Key Factors When Comparing Office Photocopier Brands

When deciding among top office equipment brands like Toshiba, Epson, Xerox, Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta and more, consider:

  • Reputation and Reviews: Choose established brands known for performance and reliability. Check reviews and ratings.
  • Product Line Depth: Look for diverse product lines that offer multiple photocopier models to choose from.
  • Tech Support: Brands with superior technical support provide peace of mind. Consider US-based vs. overseas support.
  • Training Resources: Opt for brands that offer thorough training materials and documentation to optimize equipment use.
  • Warranties: Robust warranties on parts and labor help protect your investment in new equipment.
  • Service Contracts: Post-purchase maintenance contracts ensure your copiers stay in top shape.
  • Energy use: It is important to think of the Environment and the business back pocket, you will not want a big churning machin heating the office in the middle of summer and costing the earth in electric. Look around for more ecological solutions, it could save you thousands.
  • Waste If change the toner cartridge is a chore think of all the waste from the office copiers going to landfill. Packaging, delivery vans, plastic, Co2 etc. Some machines are better than other in this regard so do your homework. (Look into Epson Gold partners)

Finding a brand that excels across these categories will help provide the best photocopier purchase experience.

Buying vs. Leasing Office Photocopiers

Should you buy or lease your next business office copier? Consider the pros and cons of each:

Buying Office Photocopiers

  • Own the equipment outright
  • No ongoing lease payments
  • Can upgrade anytime
  • Large upfront capital expenditure
  • Responsible for repairs and maintenance
  • Disposal of old equipment required

Leasing Office Photocopiers

  • Lower upfront costs
  • Built-in maintenance/service plans
  • Regular equipment upgrades
  • Do not own the equipment
  • Ongoing lease payments
  • Mileage/usage restrictions may apply

Look at costs, cash flow, and tech refresh cycles to decide if buying or leasing makes more sense for your business.

Finding the Best Office Photocopier Deals

Looking to save on your next office photocopier for sale? Here are tips for finding the best deals:

  • Shop end-of-lease models: Big discounts on lightly used machines coming off lease.
  • Look for bundle deals: Brands often offer discounts when you purchase multiple copiers or combine with printers.
  • Consider refurbished units: Substantially lower prices for professionally refurbished copiers with warranties.
  • Time end-of-year purchases: Best deals surface as vendors look to clear out old inventory before year's end.
  • Leverage competition: Get quotes from multiple vendors and let them know you're shopping for the best price.

Taking the time to research and negotiate can help you save hundreds to thousands on your office photocopier purchase.

Maintaining Photocopiers for Optimal Performance

To keep your office photocopier running smoothly:

  • Replace toner/ink regularly: Don't let levels get too low. Use manufacturer recommended supplies.
  • Clean the scanner glass: Wipe away dust and debris that can impact copy quality.
  • Clear paper jams promptly: Jams can damage internal parts if left for long periods.
  • Schedule preventative maintenance: Regular service calls optimize performance and head off bigger problems.
  • Keep it covered when not in use: Use a dust cover to protect the machine and avoid buildup.
  • Give it proper ventilation: Don't enclose photocopiers or block vents to avoid overheating.

With proper care and maintenance, your photocopiers will deliver years of reliable service.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Office Photocopiers?

Notice slowing output, frequent jams, and other issues with your office's business office copier? If your photocopier is over 5-7 years old, it may be time to consider an upgrade.

Signs your current photocopier needs replacing:

  • Frequent breakdowns and costly repairs
  • Parts are difficult to obtain
  • Copy and print speeds have slowed down
  • Struggles to keep up with print volume
  • Lacks important new features

Upgrading to one of the latest office photocopiers for sale can boost efficiency and staff productivity for your business. Be sure to evaluate your current and future needs and compare top brands to find the perfect fit. Investing in a high-quality, feature-packed photocopier will keep your office running smoothly for years to come.

Summary: Key Considerations for Purchasing Office Photocopiers

When shopping for new office photocopiers, keep these key tips in mind:

  • Carefully assess your office's print needs, both current and future.
  • Look for fast speeds, high-quality output, robust security, and productivity features.
  • Determine the best photocopier type and form factor for your space.
  • Compare leading brands based on reputation, support, warranties, service contracts, and more.
  • Calculate costs of buying versus leasing models.
  • Seek out discounted end-of-lease, refurbished, or bundled equipment deals.
  • Maintain your photocopiers properly to maximize their lifespan.
  • Upgrade older models to improve efficiency and take advantage of new innovations.

Following this office photocopier buying guide will help you select the perfect model to meet your business's document reproduction needs both today and for years to come. Invest wisely!

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