PaperCut: Print Management Software That Saves The Earth

What is PaperCut?

PaperCut is a print management software used by schools, businesses, government agencies and more to reduce printing waste, secure printed documents, and simplify the printing process. Key features include:

  • Secure print release - Require users to authenticate at the printer to release print jobs
  • Quotas - Set reasonable limits on user printing to reduce excessive use
  • Duplex printing - Encourage or enforce two-sided printing as a default
  • Print policies - Define rules, restrictions, and options to manage printing
  • Reporting - Track usage and waste reduction efforts
  • Mobility printing - Allow printing from any device including BYOD and mobile
  • Integration - Works with any printer and with Student Information Systems

Why Do Organizations Use PaperCut?

There are several key reasons organizations deploy PaperCut print management software:

Reduce Printing Waste

PaperCut makes it easy to implement policies that cut unneeded printing and encourage more responsible usage. Features like quotas, duplex printing, and requiring print release all lead to less waste.

Save Money

By reducing excessive and unnecessary printing, organizations can significantly reduce print costs. PaperCut also enables organizations to charge back printing costs to departments or users.

Increase Security

PaperCut secures the printing process by requiring authentication for print release. This prevents sensitive documents from being left on printers. Additional security options are available like digital signatures and watermarks.

Simplify Print Management

PaperCut centralizes print management, makes it easy for users to print from any device, and auto-deploys print drivers. This eliminates print headaches and makes printing "just work".

Core PaperCut Features and Benefits

Let's explore some of the details on PaperCut's key features and benefits:

Easy and Mobile Printing

  • Driverless printing - Users don't need print drivers installed locally. PaperCut auto-installs the right driver.
  • Web print - Submit print jobs remotely via a web browser.
  • Print from any device - Native printing support from Chromebooks, iPads, Windows laptops, and more.
  • Find-Me printing - Jobs are queued to user's account and can release from any printer.

Security and Compliance

  • Secure print release - Jobs held until user authenticates at the printer.
  • Watermarking - Deter leaks by adding user name, timestamp, digital signature, or custom text.
  • Print archiving - Store copies of all printed documents.
  • GDPR compliance - Tools like data anonymization help comply with regulations.

Savings and Sustainability

  • Default duplex printing - Make two-sided the standard to conserve paper.
  • Quotas - Limit printing by user, group, or printer to reduce excess use.
  • Print policy - Set rules like blocking color printing or enforcing black and white.
  • Reporting - Track usage trends and savings from lower printing.

Infrastructure and Integration

  • Single sign-on - Integrate with Active Directory, Azure AD, and Google Cloud Identity.
  • Supports any printer - Installs on any printer brand and integrates output management.
  • APIs and scripting - Automate tasks using REST APIs and command-line scripting.
  • BYOD access - Allow student or employee owned devices to print.

PaperCut really enables organizations to have it all - easy printing for users from any device, total security, and dramatically lower print waste and costs.

PaperCut Case Study Examples

Schools, businesses, hospitals, and government agencies around the globe use PaperCut print management to drive transformations in their printing. Here are a few examples:

Leading K-12 School District

  • Difficult for teachers and students to print from Chromebooks, iPads, and BYOD devices
  • No ability to track print usage or waste
  • Rampant waste from abandoned print jobs
PaperCut Solutions:
  • Enabled driverless printing from any device
  • Implemented Find-Me printing so users can print anywhere
  • Deployed print quotas to reduce excessive use
  • Used print archiving to deter document leaks
  • 55% reduction in printing
  • Saved ~$100,000 annually in print costs
  • Increased security with print release and auditing

Global Engineering Company

  • Users wasted time dealing with print drivers and printer connections
  • Sensitive documents left uncollected on printers
  • Difficult to track and allocate print costs
PaperCut Solutions:
  • Automated print environment with driverless printing
  • Implemented secure print release
  • Used print chargeback to allocate costs
  • Centralized administration from a single dashboard
  • Reduced IT print tickets by 90%
  • Saved ~$400,000 per year in reduced print waste
  • Passed print costs back to departments based on usage

Non-Profit Hospital System

  • HIPAA compliance concerns with unattended print jobs
  • Difficult to enforce print policies across facilities
  • Rising print costs impacted budget
PaperCut Solutions:
  • Deployed Find-Me printing for convenience
  • Enforced secure print release for PHI documents
  • Used scripts to automate print policy enforcement
  • Tracked usage to identify waste and target reductions
  • Achieved HIPAA compliance for printing
  • Reduced print costs by 30% annually
  • Automated and centralized print management

Frequently Asked Questions About PaperCut

Here are answers to some common questions about PaperCut:

What is PaperCut used for?

PaperCut is print management software used to reduce printing waste, save money, and improve document security. It gives IT control and oversight over printing.

What is the meaning of PaperCut?

The name PaperCut comes from the goal of reducing paper waste. Like a paper cut, it stings a bit but ultimately makes you more careful about your paper use!

Is PaperCut software free?

PaperCut offers a fully functional free version for unlimited users with basic features. Paid versions unlock advanced features and enterprise-level support.

What does PaperCut integrate with?

PaperCut integrates with any printer, any student information system like Active Directory, Azure, and Google Cloud. APIs allow connecting PaperCut to other campus and business systems.

How can I try PaperCut risk free?

You can download PaperCut for free and test it out in your environment. See the results before deciding to upgrade to a paid version.

Get Started with PaperCut Print Management

PaperCut makes it easy to take control of printing across your organization. With solutions for education, business, healthcare, finance, government, and more, PaperCut can help you reduce waste, save money, and boost document security.

Ready to transform printing at your school, company, hospital or agency? Get started with PaperCut today:

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